Helpful FAQs

Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

We’re locally owned and operated in Rockingham and Perth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it to the party. We’re committed to going above and beyond for our clients and have years of experience providing entertainment and party hire for cities all over the state. Even if you’re up in Broome, we can organize your perfect party hire with all the bells and whistles. However, it is important to consider that the extra travel does incur some extra costs. Our items are often very large and can be difficult to transport so staff driving fees, which comply with worksafe standards, need to be taken into account. Similarly, so does fuel, accommodation etc. Despite these extra costs we guarantee it will be worth it. No one has the range or provides the customer service that we do. If you’re looking for regional party hire from the city you’ve come to the right place.

Power is something all of our inflatables need however this essential requirement often gets overlooked. It’s important to consider the scale of your event hire in Port Hedland, Onslow, Newman, etc. when planning it to ensure that you have the appropriate number of power outlets to avoid a blackout. We want to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch, all you have to do is notify us of any extra power sources you may need as soon as possible. This way we can organize generators for hire and ensure that all inflatables are in compliance with worksafe standards, which suggest the inflatable, is set up within 20 meters of the power outlet. We’re committed to you and your guests’ safety so to ensure your event has all the necessary requirements for regional party hire contact us today.

Our water based slides and equipment are some of the best available for hire in regional WA. We have water-based units for young and old and there is sure to be something in our range that will suit your needs perfectly. When setting up and operating these amazing slides we need to know the distance to the nearest available tap so we can bring enough hoses and equipment to efficiently get the ride up and running. If you have multiple rides but only one water source please let us know so we can be prepared with the relevant equipment’s and extra time it may take to set up your rides. Everyone loves cooling off in summer with a quick dip or splash at fairs and events in Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Broome, Port Headland, Onslow, and Newman, but having lots of taps running all day may not be the most economical choice. We have access to a range of options to tackle this challenge such as prefilled water tanks, which we can discuss when organising your regional event hire.

Is your question not answered here? Please contact us, we’re always happy to help and to provide honest advice.